Welcome to the Beach Resort

Welcome to the Beach Resort
Summer's in the air at GamePoint Bingo and we are inviting you to follow us onto our very own Beach Resort! Start collecting Flowers and progress toward amazing rewards. At the end of every Bingo round you will receive some Flowers that help you on your way.

Naturally there are ways to get bigger amounts of Flowers, like playing in a higher stake Bingo room, joining a SuperBingo, or collecting your free Coins when your timer expires: just to name a few! There's even a chance that a Flower will float through your game; just pop it to collect it!

Play now to earn those lovely Flowers and get amazing rewards!

LadyDye1 - 23 June, 2020 1:31 PM
Thanks Game Point for the extra coinz! The Game is cute.
Since bingo is 18 maybe you could Mature the Theme a little.
BassAckwards - 24 June, 2020 12:23 AM
nice 2 see the duration is alittle longer then before... for those of us who dont play EVERY DAY, ALL day!!
PattyFlannery1 -
I have not been able to log into your web sight for a week now, but there never is a problem taking my money to buy credits for the game. What’s up with that?