Flight GP810 is now boarding!

Binky had the greatest time enjoying all that Barcelona has to offer. His favorite memories are eating all the delicious Spanish delicacies and visiting the Sagrada Familia. But it is time that we say adios to Barcelona because on October 8th at 4 AM ET Binky is scheduled to arrive at the newest destination in GamePoint Bingo

Any guesses on where we’ll go next?

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Happy Animal Day!

Today GamePoint celebrates Animal Day. It’s not just about our beloved pets, but also about all living creatures in the world! In honor of them, we’re presenting you 3 new animal daubers in GamePoint Bingo and YOU need to vote for your favorite. We will make the dauber with the most votes available for FREE!

Let us know your favorite!

It's not just about our beloved pets, but also about all living creatures in the world! In honor of them, we're discounting all animal-related Bingo Daubers!

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This is your LAST CHANCE to complete the Barcelona Collections!

You have a few more days to complete your Barcelona Collections in GamePoint Bingo! But don't fret, it's only because we need to make space for NEW Collections! Out with the old, and in with the new!

Go finish the Barcelona Collections to make the most of those EXTRA rewards!

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Time for an Oktoberfest Giveaway!

Cheers, everyone! Are you enjoying everything Oktoberfest has to offer? After an exciting week with many cool events across our games, we're topping it off with a giveaway. On Sunday, September 29th starting at 2PM ET, just be online in any room or game for your chance to WIN during a TWO HOUR long giveaway! There's going to be great prizes that you can win. Will you be there?

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Celebrate Oktoberfest with Happy Hours!

From September 25 to 29, GamePoint is celebrating Oktoberfest in style, and that means lots of different events! There's truly something for everyone.

Starting right now, and exclusively available during Oktoberfest:

All day long

  • Three special Oktoberfest daubers that are free to use in GamePoint Bingo
  • A special RoyalDice Tournament. We even added 10,000 Coins to win!
  • Double Max Bet in GamePoint Casino and Slots

During Happy Hours (daily at 1-4PM ET & 7-10PM ET)

  • Extra SuperBingos
  • Filled RoyalDice Jackpots

For the Oktoberfest grand finale on Sunday, September 29, at 2PM ET we're organizing a Big Giveaway with fantastic prizes! To participate, just be online in your favorite GamePoint game and you're automatically entered for the chance to win. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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Win big during our Extra SuperBingos Event!

Today (September, 20th), we're filling up the pots extra fast for Extra SuperBingos! Join us between 1-4PM ET for huge pots that we'll be announcing in the chat so you know exactly where to go.

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Be a Bingo Superstar!

Are you a Superstar when it comes to Collections? Now's your chance to show it! Exclusively on September 17th, special automatic 22 Coin rooms will be opened at 1PM ET for a GamePoint Bingo Superstar Party! Join for FIVE exclusive collections and prizes!

Can’t wait to see all our Bingo Superstars there!

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VIP of the Week: nina24143

And our new VIP of the Week is nina24143! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (Super)VIP and 500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Week! 

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

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Feeling Lucky on Friday the 13th?

If you're superstitious, then you might think Friday the 13th isn't a good day. But here at GamePoint, we want to help you turn any bad luck around!

We're treating you to limited-time collections, available only this weekend (September 13-15). Turn common bad luck symbols, like Spilled Salt, a Broken Mirror or a Black Cat into positive things by collecting them in special rooms for additional prizes.

And the best way to collect those bad luck items, is with a lucky dauber. And lucky for you, select daubers designed to summon good luck are discounted 50% off! That includes the Fortune Cat, Lucky Seven, Horseshoe, Cherries and Rainbow dauber. Treat yourself to a new and lucky dauber and don't let Friday the 13th get you down!

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Every card counts!

Do you want to win 100 FREE Bingo Cards? Then join us in GamePoint Bingo on September 8th and 9th for a chance to win! Play more to increase your chances of winning!

Every card counts!

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